FERRYBOAT INN, Cornwall, England

The Ferryboat Inn dates back 300 years and is situated in the North Helford Passage on the waterfront. Surrounded by wooded banks and sloping fields, this is one of Cornwall's most breathtaking locations. The pub's terrace overlooks some of the best views in the South-West, and offers plenty of beach-side seating for long sunny days and warm evenings. In the winter months, guest can make themselves at home near the open fire or relax with a drink at the bar. 

 With only 4 weeks to redesign and rebuilt the Ferryboat, the pressure was on. Luckily, we had an amazing team of builders and electricians to help the Basic Project team.

The structure had years of unnecessary layers, and by striping it back, we were able to uncover some beautiful detail. Much of the pub's design was inspired by the seaside in the 70s. Antique paintings, seating, and light fixtures give the pub some warmth and character that it needed. In the pub room we added paneling to match the original design.  

Big Thank You to WALL STREET JOURNAL for featuring our pub and family - see it HERE - and my 7 months pregnant belly ;)