In March, we travelled to the most southerly continent on earth, Antarctica. We were on an expedition lead by our dear friend, Robert Swan, founder of the 2041 Foundation. Rob, among many extraordinary achievements, was the first person on earth to walk to the North and South Pole. The 2041 Foundation is dedicated to bringing awareness of the Antarctic Treaty, which is up for renewal in the year 2041. We were joined by 140 people from 30 different nations. The journey to the bottom of the world, the scale and color of the icebergs and spectacular animals were certainly unforgettable - but even more powerful were the people and the relationships we made. What an incredible opportunity to be on a boat with so many people from so many parts of the world, with no walls or borders - just there with a passion for our earth and having real conversations about the reality of climate change and what can be done. Learn more on the 2041 & our expedition websites, and you should really take 16  minutes to watch Rob's incredible TedTalk.

Obviously we weren't going to travel a million miles without a bit of adventure along the way. Here are a few snaps of the journey getting down there... flea markets & football Buenos Aires, hiking & wild horses in Ushuaia ...then we packed our parkas and boarded the boat. It would be two days until we saw land again.