It's no secret that here at Basic Projects, the ever present issue of global warming is something that we hold dear to our hearts. But as easy as it is to preach about something you believe in, living it out can be challenging at times.  After going down the YouTube rabbit hole (We know you've done it too) we stubbled upon a video about the Zero Waste Lifestyle. Inspired particularly by this MSNBC video of Lauren Singer and this TedTalk from Bea Johnson, we decided to try to produce as little trash as we could during the month of October. This meant no to-go coffee cups, no single-use plastic bags, no single-use anything for that matter, and no trash that couldn't be reused, recycled, or composted. 

Here is how we made it work:

  • Reusable canvas bags are life. 
  • We tried to purchase as many groceries as we would from the Charleston Farmers Market since most goods from there are package free. 
  • Grocery items that we couldn't find at the farmers market, we just bought them in the bulk section of the grocery store. This was a double whammy because not only is it sustainable but it's also cheap!
  • We brought our own cups to the coffee shop.  
  • Compost. Compost. Compost. We found that we reduced our trash production by 70 percent from composting alone. 
  • Buy your own water bottle. Again, cheap! If you want to feel terrible about using plastic water bottles, check out Plastic Paradise on Netflix.
  • Tried our very, very best not to take the samples that Trader Joes and Costco gives you- that's a tough one.